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Ancient World Breakfast Club (AWBC)

Sounds a lot like my school.

News: Won this Masterchef competition at my school (junior, of course), looking forward to giving the school a treat. Although it will be quite awkward having my name printed on the front of my school’s website which is then thus followed by a lengthy and descriptive detail of stuff no one bothers to read (apart from me, but…well.)

Hope you’re a having a nice autumn so far. Keep you posted on cruise as soon I as I can, hopefully. Don’t wanna leave you hanging.

-Moonlight Walnut (Elayne Snowhawk, remember?)

salve magistra

Every Friday, my school hosts a speaker to come and speak to about 60 local residents at the AWBC (the breakfast is amazing by the way). As part of this blog I am going to review these speakers (this may not be every week as sometimes the breakfast club is cancelled). I feel so fortunate to work somewhere that has this kind of programme, and take full advantage – especially as I have 1st period on a Friday free so can stay for the whole talk. So far this academic year we have had James Moorwood, Peter Jones and a fascinating talk on libraries by Dr Matthew Nicholls who has a book out soon which, if the talk is anything to go by, will be amazing. I could go on and on about previous breakfast clubs but I will start anew this term.

This week – Petronius’ Satyricon

This week’s…

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