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Elsewhere, by Gabrielle Zevin


By Gabrielle Zevin  


Elsewhere is a brilliant, awe-inspiring book, in a whole new genre-magic realism- with an amazing backline storyline about a girl called Liz, who is killed in a hit-and-run accident and wakes up on a steam boat travelling to the land of  ‘Elsewhere’. However, the seemingly simple idea of going to a mystical ‘land of the afterlife’ develops into a stunning and gradual adventure of excitement, wonder and irresistible love for this great book.

The book is, as I have already mentioned earlier, quite wonderful. The idea of growing younger was a brilliant idea, as well as setting the scenery, and the innovative ‘Observation Deck’ reveals how depressed Liz becomes after facing the realisation of finding out she is dead. With little cut-scenes back into Liz’s ‘past life’, this really is a ‘cool’ book (as they say it.)

Recommendations: everyone, I suppose. You know, it really does fit every single age group, and every genre (mainly), and it simply is a great all-round book (not actually round though.) Certainly keep this book in your shelf, and who knows? Maybe a couple of years later, you’ll pick that dusty moulding yellowish looking book out of the spider-infested shelf and go: ‘Oh, I remember this!’

Zevin really catches the idea of being confused, debilitated and angry as Liz tries to cope with her new life, and even more so after finding out that she can communicate with her family but they can’t ever hear. The scenery also portrays a peaceful, fascinating and complex array of paths, sights and wildlife.

One of the best books I ever read?


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