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The Regency Restaurant

The Regency Restaurant

My Very First Food Review

By MoonlightWalnut

WARNING: If you don’t like seafood, I suggest you turn away from this review straightaway. If not, continue reading this…


The food is simple-minded but rather unusual and newfounded in England, with many seafood dishes or ideas originating from foreign countries, such as the raw oysters on ice coming from Eastern Asian parts where it is a delicacy. The Regency is right next to the coast of Brighton (click link here for the Brighton Trip Post) and therefore all seafood is truly fresh (how could it not be?) All the dishes are very helping, and for those dough-lovers there’s seafood spaghetti. Drinks are either icy cold or warmingly hot, so you get the best of both, in a way. The food itself in flavour? It looks beautiful and they almost sculpt it like artists, putting a little herb here, some lemons there; which make a infinetley more appealing dish, the smell does the same, wafting up into your nose, breathing up the holy incense of food. However, the taste itself can be peculiar-not exactly what you expect. The taste, perhaps, could indeed, make you lose your appetite depending on your choice of flavours. It certainly isn’t a natural taste, for one.

Food Rating: 8/10

Scenic and Seating etc.

It has a very closed-in feeling when looking in from the outside, but in actual fact their is a lot of interior space for diners. There are outside wooden tables and chairs for those out on a summery day to catch the last gasps of summer. The interior chairs are plush with wooden tables. Simple but appealing for a seafood restaurant by the seaside. Paintings hang on the wall (in fact, most of these are restaurant artists and are actually on sale at the restaurant-prices are underneath the paintings) and the bar is rather chic and stylish, but not too much so that it clashes with the regularity of the rest of the restaurant. Rather nicely done, in fact.

Scenic and Seating Rating: 9/10


Most of the servers and waiters are very friendly and pleasant; the type of person you’d meet on the train that you’d rather like to talk to although they’re a complete stranger to you, and don’t know your name. (If they did that would be worrying.) They smile all the time and are thoroughly easy-going all-round-though you can’t say that for how quickly they work! Most dishes and drinks are served to you as soon as they are prepared-so they’re still steaming when they arrive!

Service Rating: 8/10


** Being one of the oldest seafood restaurants in the area (open since 1930’s) you can definitely tell it’s got some family talent inside it to have survived almost a hundred years.

** “It’s a really good all-things-to- everybody restaurant. It’s not expensive, there’s a great atmosphere … everything they do is great.”
Rick Stein, author of Rick Stein’s Seafood Lovers’ Guide.

** Still not entirely into the idea? What about this:

Brighton Seafront Seafood Restaurant

I hope you’re interested after that!

Website Link for The Regency Restaurant:

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