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Dieppe – France

Dieppe is a beautiful city next to the sea and situated in France. It hosts a vareity of shops and many, many wonderful, delicious restaurants where you can eat freshly caught fish and yummy desserts. I thoroughly enjoyed it there myself, although at times l really wished we had grabbed that French dictionary from the local library when we had the chance to! Dieppe is about a three hour drive away from Calais, hoping that you don’t get lost (by, which just to point out, we did) or get caught up. Dieppe also has a very old castle on the hill and a daily morning market which sells mostly everything you could wish to buy, just a lot cheaper and a lot fresher than your Tesco’s or Wall Mart depending [where you are] here.

On the outskirts of Dieppe there are big retail parks which include the hypermarket Auchan, and many others. Auchan also has very good produce available and there is a ranged supply of it. There are some villages that are very sweet to have a look at whilst you’re in the area. For example, take Varangeville Sur Mer, a hearty little haven just nine kilometres from Dieppe. It’s cosy, has cottages for rent and a local hotel which is practically on an large estate and lovely little shops-oh, the patisserie, the baguettes, the taste l can’t tell you of, it was all too lovely and delectable. The Maison Boilivin also produces various breadmakes, including large finely crafted cakes, little boxes of heaven, the odd baguette, handsome-looking chocolates and those pain u chocolat’s you just can afford to have. Around the Maison Bolivin there are also a buchers, the Cocci Market and a pharmacy. Near Varangeville Sur Mer (Sur Mer means ‘By the Sea’) there is the sea port village Quiberville Sur Mer, which has a daily load of fish-stalls with the catches so fresh they’re still alive! Here you can obvious bargains on rays, whelks, cut oysters and the like. There is a lovely sand and stone beach just by it, and also a souveneir shop which sells everything-from seaside hangers to cuddly toys, from bags of ocean seashells to colourful surfboards-this place is delightful to visit.

Visit Rating: 9/10

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