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The Daily Puppy-Edition 1

Welcome to the first edition of the Daily Puppy! Today, because it’s our ‘anniversary’, we’re having a stock load of tropical fish being delivered to whoever buys this magazine. There are black mollies, skeleton fish, clownfish, jellyfish, eels and even a cute lobster! Aaahh! It also has an instruction manuel, telling about what they eat. Everything else is included, so don’t worry!
Apparently buses in Costa Rica are free, let’s go there! A three toed sloth was found ill on the floor and was taken to the local animal sanctuary on the bus. You can’t beat the speed limit with her on board!
I know…he’s behind me.
Old time actress Barbara Windsor! Get four tickets to visit Windsor castle if you guess what her favourite medieval castle is! Hint:It’s not Windsor.
Santa Claus decided to give these two lucky cubs early Christmas presents. Heidi and Indi were presented with boxes wrapped up, with delicious meaty treats inside. Yummy!
Pip, a twenty four year old dog, has taken the record from the late Chinese we mentioned in the last edition. This acrobatic doggy is a cross breed:Terrier and whippet mixed up. He still plays around, has performed to the queen and he STILL works for the Essex Dog Display Team! Dogs die much earlier than people usually. When they’re one, in our terms, they are seven, so you times their age by seven. See how old little Pip is here and you’ll be amazed!
Thanks for reading the Daily Puppy! Your tropical fish should be here now! Do you like them?!

There you are, that’s your first edition. If you don’t understand it when it says”from the last edition it’s because this is actually the tenth edition. Understand it now!

Please rate and comment! I will be happy to answer any of your questions, so don’t be afraid to ask!


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